With WinGate controlling all data coming from the Internet to your network, Kaspersky for Wingate can be set to scan specific data streams for viruses or other types of malicious data. This includes any mail or attachments that are delivered through WinGate's mail server, files downloaded through FTP, or even web page content that users are viewing.
With WinGate's built in Quarantine, administrators are able to safely contain and isolate a captured virus, ensuring the safety of the network from a virus outbreak. With the quarantine viewer they can easily see all details of the infection, such as the type of virus, the source of the infection (including the user responsible), and what type of activity they were performing when the virus was encountered.
Using WinGate plus Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate provides a powerful yet uncomplicated centrally-managed solution for keeping your entire computer network free from virus infections.

Kaspersky A/V for WinGate