WinGate Professional

WinGate Professional is a powerful Gateway Server for medium to large organisations bringing additional features to all those in Standard such as Active Directory (AD) support, W3C logging, Bandwidth Control, DMZ Support and more.  The WinGate Gateway Server is a high performance 64-bit Windows application combining a capable HTTP Proxy server, SOCKS server, Firewall, integrated Internet Gateway and Communications Server - all designed to meet the access control, security and communications needs of today's businesses.


Wingate Professional licenses are available in the following user sizes:  6, 12, 25, 50, 100, 250, 1000 and Unlimited.  Licenses are concurrent user licenses meaning internal connections to the WinGate server are automatically (re)assigned to the next requesting user when they become available.  Wingate Professional Licenses can be upgraded in users or upgraded to WinGate Enterprise, or both.  Additional plug-ins are available to add Kaspersky Anti-Virus,  Lumen Website categorisation, Sawmill Analytics, and SMS Connector messaging


Support and Updates are included for the first 12 months following installation.  Potential users should consult ‘Core WinGate Features and ‘Features by Version on this website for more detailed information. 

WINGATE Professional

For larger networks with AD support and much more

Send and receive SMS messages via a connected mobile telephone.  WinGate SMS does not require the internet

SMS Connector

Connect remote users and networks into your Wingate network using WinGate VPN for totally secure communications.

WinGate VPN

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for WinGate providing the highest quality gateway security from the market leaders

Kaspersky A/V for WinGate

The ultimate website categorisation tool with over 99% of the known web categorised and constantly updated


for WinGate

To increase your Security, Employee Protection, and Network Management