Analyse and produce historic analysis reports of all gateway activity right down to user level. Sawmill supports all versions of WinGate and WinGate plug-ins to allow complete visibility of Gateway activity and security, with near real-time alerting on user-defined events. You can host Sawmill on the Wingate Gateway server itself, or on any network connected server (Unix, Linux or Windows) or on a PC/workstation with sufficient performance and memory. Reports are published using the integrated Sawmill web server, or on any accessible web server you choose. Both the Reports and the admin interface are web accessible for ease of operation and management.


Sawmill ANALYTICS is licensed by Profiles, with each Profile generating a report from a single WinGate log. For a comprehensive single overview report containing all gateway activity a single Profile license should suffice. A more detailed requirement of one private report for each user will require one Profile for each user. In this example a user report will contain a record of that person’s activity and no other.


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Sawmill ANALYTICS for WinGate

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