Easy to configure WinGate VPN uses industry-standard and trusted SSL connections and X.509 certificates to connect and validate your VPN users. It uses 128 bit Twofish-encrypted data tunnels to provide the security and speed you want. With various licensing options for different networking structures WinGate offers the flexibility you require. WinGate VPN is ideal for:


  • Companies who need secure inter-office networking.
  • Home users who wish to set up a secure peer-to-peer connection between remote PCs.
  • Home or Mobile workers, who require a secure environment to connect to the office from remote locations.


Notes on WinGate VPN Licensing:

Each remote user wishing to connect into the primary WinGate network will require a VPN license, whether they are an individual user or part of a remote network. For example, if you have 8 remote individual users and one remote LAN of 20 users you would purchase 10 remote individual licenses,  plus a 25 user LAN license which is installed on the remote network gateway.  The following prices are perpetual licenses and include first year support and updates.

WinGate VPN

Perpetual licenses with support and updates for the first 12 months included